Bat Boy (Musical Theatre Guild)

As Shelley, Melissa Lyons Caldretti made for a cute-as-a-button love interest for Edgar, with a crystal-clear soprano to match any Galinda you might have seen. --Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

Jane Eyre (Fullerton Civic Light Opera)

"The main reason to seek out this show...would be to meet its Jane Eyre -- level-headed, warmly insinuating and sunshine-voiced as embodied by Melissa Lyons Caldretti. Her, we can cheer for." --Daryl H. Miller, The Los Angeles Times

 "[Melissa Lyons] Caldretti's and Hart's portrayals, however, are nearly pitch-perfect. Both are Broadway veterans whose immense talents shine through characters and material that often feel clichéd. As one would expect, the duo have impressive vocal skills...But their acting sells the show. [Melissa Lyons] Caldretti manages the difficult, delicate balancing act of creating a heroine whose passivity is her strength." --Eric Marchese, Backstage


Les Miserables (3rd National Touring Company)

"Melissa Lyons is quite moving as the tragic Eponine, and her performance of "On My Own," sung before a wall of closed windows, the light and warmth behind them denied to her, is undeniably affecting." --Terry Morgan, Back Stage West

"...all is forgiven when you think back to Melissa Lyons as Eponine and her version of 'On My Own,' which is delivered with a heartbreaking tenderness that makes us forget we've seen it all before....In a production of such a grand scale, it's impossible to steal the show, but Lyons comes awfully close with her stirring performance." --Nick Dussalult, Metro Boston

"Melissa Lyons as Eponine sang 'On My Own' with such glorious tone, passion and intonation, using her body as well as her beautiful voice to pour expression into every note.  --Laurence Vittes, Hollywood Reporter

"Lyons' interpretation of 'On My Own' is enough to cause even the manliest of men to tear up..." --Christopher Patriquin, The Eagle Online (Washington DC)

"...but it’s this company’s older Eponine, Melissa Lyons, who delivers a left-field whammy with her take on 'On My Own,' the plaintive ballad that opens the second act; toward the end of the tune, the orchestra drops out and Lyons, holding one reverb-drenched note like it’s her only friend in the world, threatens to make it the most emotionally wrenching moment of the show." --Chris Page, East Valley Tribune (Tempe, AZ)

"Melissa Lyons' Eponine is a standout--plucky and sympathetic as the lovelorn tomboy of the barricades, eloquent in her big solo On My Own." --Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

"Eponine (Melissa Lyons) offers an emotionally compelling performance, fully embodying her character to illustrate the sorrow of unrequited love in her heart-rending solo 'On My Own.'" --Glen Chua, The Ubyssey (Vancouver, Canada)

"Melissa Lyons is an interesting and genuine Eponine who effectively sells her big number, 'On My Own,' with a strong and expressive voice." --Damien Jaques, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cats (Cabrillo Music Theatre)

"The most notable is 'Memory,' the show's biggest hit, which is performed three times by the marvelous Melissa Lyons as Grizabella." --Cary Ginell, The Acorn

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Musical Theatre Guild)

"In its Musical Theatre Guild concert staging, Roy Leake Jr.'s ideal facilitator and Melissa Lyons' thrillingly sung hero lead a strong-voiced ensemble...." --David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times